Yearly Activities

Youth Protection

To realize the potential of Scouting, it is critical that we take all possible steps to create and maintain a safe environment for all who participate. That involves understanding personal boundaries and knowing what appropriate behaviors are in Scouting. To help establish and maintain a safe environment we complete yearly Youth Protection Training.

Discussing Youth Protection topics can be challenging and uncomfortable and as a Pack we cover these topics at a high level in our September Pack Meeting. We understand this a very personal matter and so we have created this page so you can complete this important activity at home. Each Den has different Youth Protection training requirements which can be found here, all scouts need to understand the content of the Youth Protection Guide.

Webelos – Here is a worksheet to assist with your training.

Cyber Safety – Today we are online more than ever before. We use technology to save us time with research, connect with others, navigate, and have fun. As young people spend more time online, safety is more important than ever. Suggestions and more information and instructional videos to help keep our scouts safe can be found at Here are additional resources you can use on bulling, gaming and public vs private info.

Once you have completed these activities appropriately for your family, please email your Den Leader or the Pack at to let them know you’ve completed the Youth Protection Training and Protect Yourself Rules Adventure.

Health Forms

Scouting requires a Health Form for scouts that does an overnight activity. Please complete Section A & B and return to the Cubmaster. Forms are only required once a year unless the information changes. Forms are destroyed at the end of each year.

You can find a list of all the forms received to date here (note – list as of 09/22 and will be updated with ones provided on 09/23 and for Webelos-O-Ree)