Pinewood Derby

This page provides information about our annual Pinewood Derby. Any additional questions or comments regarding this event can be raised via the Contact page.

2023 Race Day Results

Thank you to everyone that assisted and participated in our Pinewood Derby as it was a great success. For those who’d like a copy of their Pit Pass Photo, I’ve made them available on our Google Drive.

Here are our Design Award Winners and the Times for all the boys, I’ve marked the speed awards (Four Fastest, Fastest in Den & Turtle with an *):

Design Award NameCar Number & Car Name & Scout Name
Scout Pride13 – Noah Jet – Noah Delpesche
Most Futuristic23 – Speeding Thur Time – Ethan Edwards
Most Patriotic12 – American Flag – Liam Laukhuf
Funniest15 – Du’Whiskey Mobile – Eli Kauffman
Leader’s Choice27 – U.S. Patriot – Ross Hindle
PlaceCar #NameCar NameTimeDen
1*15Eli Kauffman Du’Whiskey Mobile3.1499Bears
2*8Austing Oliver The Creeper3.1674Wolf
3*6Corbin HooverFlaming Fire3.1865Tiger
4*9Cooper FisselAll-Star3.192Wolf
514Brogan MayhewHuggy Racer3.1956Bear
6*23Ethan EdwardsSpeeding Thru Time3.1974Webelos
710Gavin LauCavalier3.2054Wolf
812Liam LaukhufAmerican Flag3.2222Wolf
97Daniel FernandesPuppy Power3.2271Tiger
10*29Ruben AbbissModern Art3.2274Arrow of Light
1119Luke FernandesFastest Car in the World3.2631Bear
1227Ross HindleU.S. Patriot3.2746Webelos
1331William FazekasGear 313.2958Arrow of Light
14*4Ian HillFlash3.323Lion
1518Joshua HawleyGeno Smith3.3241Bear
1621Oliver WellsSomething Smells Fishy3.4547Bear
172Elijah MichalElijah Michal3.461Lion
181Adam PreussAmerica3.5167Lion
1924Hudson ShofnerRZDZ3.5181Webelos
205Leo JinCrazy Eight3.5439Lion
213Hyland AlmondThe Batmobile3.6994Lion
2211Khang NguyenCosmic Racer3.7026Wolf
2322David BoyerPatriotic Streak3.8001Webelos
2413Noah DelpescheNoah Jet3.8195Wolf
25*30Ryan Osei AsibeyG.H. Racer4.5394Arrow of Light

Key Dates:

Distribution Pinewood Derby CarPack Meeting – 12/16
Cut Day @ Makersmiths (Sign-Up)01/13 @ 6:30pm
Car Inspection & Check-InPack Meeting – 01/20
Car Inspection & Check-In (Track Setup)01/27 @ 6:30pm
Pack 998 Pinewood Derby 01/28 @ 9am
Goose Creek District Race (Registration Open)03/11

What is the Pinewood Derby?

The pinewood Derby is the wood car racing event of Scouts BSA. Pinewood Derbies have been run by Cub Scout Packs since 1953. With the help of adults, Scouts build their own unpowered, unmanned miniature cars from wood, from kits containing a block of pine wood, plastic wheels, and metal axles.

Who can participate in Pack 998’s Pinewood Derby?

Our Pinewood Derby is open to scouts, their families and friends. On the day of our race we start with our Cub Scout races, followed by the Friends and Families races which are open to everyone and all car types.

What do I need to participate in the Pinewood Derby?

In order to complete in the Pinewood Derby Scouts will need an official Pinewood Derby kit, which is provided by the Pack, and their own unique design. Each kit will come with the a set of numbers as well. Scout’s will be assigned a car number by the Pack which allows us to track the cars on race day. Scouts should incorporate this number into their design or place it on the bottom of the car. Additional kits can be purchased from the Pack, if available, or at a Scout Store.

What tools will I need to build my car?

Blocks can be whittled with a hand knife, bandsaw, or a carving tool. Other than the basic design rules of the Pack, found below, the Cub Scout is able to carve and decorate the car as he/she chooses. Cars vary from unfinished blocks to whimsical objects, to accurate replicas of actual cars. Weights can be added to the final design to bring the car to the maximum allowable weight. A high-density metal weight, such as tungsten carbide which is not toxic like lead, reduces the volume of wood, which reduces air friction and increases speed. Axle friction can be reduced by polishing the nails and applying graphite as a lubricant.

Assistance is available for those that don’t have the necessary tools or are making their first car. The Pack tries to setup a cut day each year where the basic shape of the car can be made. From there sanding and painting can be completed at home. The Pack also has tools to help put tires on the car, drill holes for installing weights and checking the balance of the car. You’ll find a couple of videos below that provide some guidance on different aspects of the build. If you do need help with the car please contact your Den Leader or reach out to Pack using our email address (

What are the rules for Pack 998’s Pinewood Derby?

Pack 998 follows all the Goose Creek District rules which can be found on the website for the District Races scheduled for 03/11. These races are open to all Scouts regardless of their placement in our races.

Below are the key rules for Pack 998’s Derby and all cars :

  • The front of the car must have a minimum of a ¼” flat surface in the center to be placed against the starting mechanism.
  • Race cars may weigh no more than 5.00 ounces of (total weight) as determined on the official scales.
  • Race cars may be no longer than 7 inches, nor wider than 2-3/4 (2.75) inches
  • Maximum height shall not exceed 5.25 inches
  • Three wheels must simultaneously touch the track surface. All four wheels must be able to come into direct contact with the body of the car.

What are the award categories?

  • Design:
    • Most Futuristic
    • Funniest
    • Most Patriotic
    • Cub Scout Pride
    • Leader’s Choice
  • Speed Awards
    • First Place in Each Den
    • Top 4 Overall
    • Turtle Award (Slowest to Finish)

Helpful Videos: