Spring 2022 Campout

Lake Fairfax Campground

Our Spring campout will be at Lake Fairfax Campground this year about a half hours east of Leesburg. We will be doing some hiking, games, dinner, smores, skits and jokes of course. We might even hear from the Vender Viper.

Below are the main 4 items you need to know for the campout.

  1. Sign up – is now Open
  2. Pay with venmo to @PackNineNineEight-Treasurer $15 per person attending, including parents, siblings etc.
    • please put a note in the payment with your last name, number of people this covers and, “spring campout” so our treasurer can match it up with your registration and mark you paid.
    • The campground charges us $8 per person to camp – the costs cover their fees, plus, dinner, smores, breakfast, charcoal, extra wood etc.
    • QR code to pay from the app with venmo for our pack so you are sure you are paying the right person.
      • QR code
    • We switched from paypal to venmo to reduce costs as paypal fees keep adding up.
    • Here is what our venmo logo looks like so you can be sure you are paying the right pack.
  3. Fill out medical forms – yay forms! (not really) but you must have them to camp, no exceptions. Bring them with you to the campground. They will be stored in a folder and locked in a car once everyone has arrived to protect your private healthcare information. This is only needed in the event of a medical emergency and required by the BSA to camp. Please fill out both A/B for each participant in the campout.
  4. Dinner – The plan is to grill hotdogs and hamburgers and we will also accommidate those that want to do some foil cooking.

Here is all the rest of the information – if there are any questions please reach out to your den leaders, me or any Pack leaders.

Where: Lake Fairfax Campground, 1400 Lake Fairfax Dr, Reston VA 20190. Our campsite is Forest 1.

When: The campout is Saturday, April 30th. We can start setting up as early as 1:00 pm. If you have sports or other commitments and expect to arrive late.

here is our proposed schedule:

Saturday April 30th
1-2pm – Arrival and setup – Bring a foldable wagon if you have to transport
3-5pm – Field Day Activities
5-6pm – Den activities – Please gather S’more sticks and practice work on a den skit
6-7pm – Dinner –
8-10pm – Fire time, Awards, Flag retirement, Skits & S’mores, jokes, ghost stories
10:00pm – Lights out

Sunday October 17th
7-8am – Breakfast – Coffee, bananas, OJ, muffins
8-9am – Morning hike
9-10am – Clean up and depart

COVID: no mask restrictions for vaccinated adults or persons who have had COVID. Non-vaccinated should wear a mask or maintain 6ft distance. No masks while eating or exercising. Please do not attend if you have been sick or have symptoms of COVID. We will refund any payments if you cancel last minute.

What: General info in no particular order

  • What to Bring –
    • Tent, if you don’t have one please reach out, many people have extras
    • Tarp – under the tent to protect from wet ground, rain etc
    • Foldable chairs for around the campfire
    • sleeping bags, pillows, blankets etc
    • water bottle or drinks
    • bug spray, with DEET (use this generously as the ticks will be out)
    • sunscreen
    • flashlights, headlamps, lanterns
    • extra batteries
    • knives – scouts must have their whittling chip to bring and use a pocket knife. no-exceptions!
    • TP
    • Rain gear – jackets and boots
    • hand warmers
  • Ticks – please use big spray on your clothes etc and check yourself and kids for ticks before bed and when returning home. If you find a tick and remove it before it has been on 24hour your risk of contracting Lyme disease is considerably less.
  • Bathrooms, this site has a privy or an outhouse. Do not put your tent close to it.
  • Dress, Class B t-shirts. For younger scouts that don’t have these yet, any t-shirt is fine, or you can also wear class A if you like. Scout hats are also good to bring.
  • Do not leave food out or in your tent for the night, this can attract unwanted visitors like bears.
  • At least one parent/guardian must camp with your scout, this is not yet the Boy Scouts and they cannot camp on their own or be dropped off for the night.
  • No unrelated scouts may spend the night in your tent
  • other general rules: no alcohol, or electronic devices or radios etc, leave the ipads at home.